OMIKRON LTD had been founded on 22 November 1990. It is a 100% Hungarian Family Business. Our headquarters are located in Hetényegyháza, 7 km away from Kecskemét, Hungary. We are dealing with Agricultural Machinery manufacturing which has a long time tradition in Hungary. Our mission is to continue this tradition using the following slogan:


As a result of our continuous product development, effective marketing activities and sound financial management, our achievement in agricultural machine production earned national and Central European reputation.

Our machies are developed internally and we can meet the widest demands, from 80 to 250 HP, taking into account the energy saving, environment friendly expectations of modern tillage technology.

In certain product groups, the company is a market leader based on data from FVM Technical Institute. Over The past years we have expanded our Factory hal from 600m ² to 1250m ². We have a surface treatment plant with environmentally friendly Electrostatic Powder spraying technology.

Our Wholesale Trade is nationally covered by merchant partners.

We carry out Retail activities at our premises.

Our Spare parts are shipped from the most renowned manufacturers within the European Union. (Bellota Spain: Discs and other tines, Gaspardo Italy: Fertilizer Dispenser)

Our marketing activities are carried out on the Internet ( in the written press and in Hungarian and international exhibitions (Agro + Mashexpo Budapest, Bábolnai International Owners ' Days, OMÉK).