Grubbers (Stubble cultivators)

Product Code: ORG

Grubbers are used for stubble cleaning, soil preparation and seedbed preparation up to 30 cm of working depth.

Tines structure: Spring tines strengthened with tungsten carbide. 240 mm width strengthened wing tines.

The careful selection of tine types above ensures the proper mixing of remains into the ground.

The spacing between the tines is 420 mm, overlapping is 85 mm so stubborn weeds are possible in the whole working width. The tines and the tine fixations are Hardox 400 quality.

The tines are secured with springs in case of heavy strain and automatically folded in case of overload.

In order to consolidate the furrows made by the tines, a Bellota disc consolidator is applied for proper soil level.

The Grubbers are offered with 2 types of rollers:

  • Campbell roller
  • Cambridge roller

The consolidators are making a ribbed surface on the ground so in case of a heavy rainfall even absorbation is possible.

  ORG-2,2 ORG-3 ORG-3,8H
Tines 5 7 9
Working width (m) 2,2 3 3,8
Power required (HP) 100-120 150-180 200-250
Weight (kg) 1200 1650 2700
Working depth (cm) 5-25 5-25 5-25
Tine types Winged tines with spring
Orrkés Strenghtened with Tungsten carbide
Smoother Campbell or Cambridge
Connection Suspended
Design Fix Fix Hydraulically foldable