Inter-row cultivators with 700 kg fertilizer adapter

Product Code: 700 kg-os műtrágyaszóró adapterrel

Made in 3, 4, 6 rows editions. Tiles are furnished in spring or rigid versions.

In case of rigid tiles, the fill out parts are free.

6 and 8 row variants are hydraulically-folding and equipped with a 700kg tank. The adapter is located on an auxiliary chassis with 10.0/75x15, 3 10PR wheels.

12-row variant is longitudinally towed and equipped with 2 bottles of 700kg.

The sleeve bearings of the hinge points can be lubricated and adjustable.

The small wheels are elastic, self cleaning rubber wheels with ball bearings.

The feeding system is min-max type and made by Gaspardo, Italy.

Powered from the ground thus ensuring a speed-proportional application.

Deliverable fertilizer quantity is 40 – 240 kg/ha.

Cultivable rows 6 8 12
Working width (m) 5 6,4 10
Transport width (m) 3,3 3,3 3
Power required (HP) 100-110 110-120 190-220
Weight (kg) 1240 1400 2800
Design Hydraulican foldable Hydraulican foldable Longitudinally towed
Tine types Italian Bianchi spring tines or rigid tiles. Fillers are free.
Options Row protector

OMS: rigid tines variant
ORS: spring tines variant