Inter-row cultivators with liquid fertilizer adapter

Product Code: folyékony műtrágyaszóró adapterrel

In case of difficult weather conditions and dry summer months, dry fertilizers distributed beside the rows are not absorbable by the plants. Liquid fertilizers can be a solution to this problem. Our Cultivators can be equipped with a liquid fertilizer spray adapter. In order to save time, the system is able to fill itself without assistance. The fertilizer can be sprayed onto the leafs or into the soil, minimizing the loss of evaporation by immediate covering.The machine can be equipped with both application systems, so you can choose a nutrient supply method without reassembly. The applied quantities are computer-controlled, giving feedback about the flow, and the output volume manually adjustable on the go.

Parts of the liquid adapter:

  • 600 Litre plastic tank
  • Filters
  • P-100 diapraghm pumping device
  • The pumbing device can be used for filling
  • BRAVO 180 Computer controlled speed control spraying
  • Pressure and speed control equipment
  • Anti drip device
  • Can choose between soil mixing, onto leaf distribution or both
  • Deliverable fertilizer quantity is 60 – 420 litre/hectare with 10 km/h speed

The machine can be equipped with an instrument of adjustable height (up to 30cm-80cm) to spray weed control chemicals and foliar manures.

  ORS-6/3 FM ORS-8/3 FM
Cultivable rows 6 (5 full and 2 half) 8 (7 full and 2 half))
Working width (m) 5 6,4
Transport width (m) 3,3 3,3
Power required (HP) 82 110-120
Weight (unfilled) (kg) 1240 1440
Folding Hydraulic Hydraulic
Supplement frame 10,75x15,3 10PR wheeled