Short Discs

Product Code: Rövidtárcsák

Aggressive traction angles ensure proper and clogging free mixing and penetrating into the soil, while minimizing the ground pressure of the disc base. In order to reduce maintenance time the machines can be ordered with grease bearings as well.

  • The working with is 3m and the bigger towed variant is under development.
  • Suspended variant.
  • Rubbered suspension.
  • Equipped wih 560 mm diameter Bellota discs of Spain.
  • Space between the discs are 240 mm.
  • Working depth is 8-16 mm.
Working width (m) 3
Power required (HP) 120-150
Weight (kg) 1810
Discs number 24 (Spanish Bellota)
Discs Diameter 560
Discs spacing (mm) 240
Smoother Ékgyűrű + cleaner
Campbell roller diameter (mm) 600
Bearing HORSCH bearing with regular greasing or oil bearing
  Rubber pad suspension